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Service Description

This service returns a student's exam credits (AP, CLEP, IB, etc.) from the AIM System.  AIM is the university's student information system.  This is highly confidential data protected by FERPA regulations.  The operations of this service correspond to the Exam Credits (REC03) web page.

To understand the behavior of this service, it may be helpful to view the information in html format. Execute the following to see the REC04 web page.

Note that it may be necessary to sign into the BYU environment to view this page. You will be limited by your authorizations.


In order to execute this web service, you must use one of OIT's methods (Web Services Session or Trusted Partner) to authenticate.  To understand these two methods of authentication, click here.  The explanation includes coding examples as well as some simple scripts that will allow you to test the examples contained in this document.


Your ability to use this web service will be limited by the authorization rights granted to you.  However, this page can be made available to members of the university community as needed.  If you feel like there is a problem with your authorizations, contact the Records Office at 801-422-2631.


This web service only has a RESTful interface (though there are future plans to work with SOAP clients), but it is capable of returning both JSON and XML responses.  JSON is the default.  To control which data format is returned, include either an "accept=application/xml" or "accept=application/json" header in your http request.

Operation Specifications

Documentation Operation

To return written programmer documentation about this web service, use the following endpoint:

XSD Operation

To return a standard XSD that describes the input and output messages for this web service, click on the following link:

Get Exam Credits

To return the exam credits for an individual, you may add the person_id after the "examcredits/" portion of the url:  For example, to retrieve the exam credits for Joe Student, execute the following:
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